We can only achieve our mission with the support of generous people like you.

Your gift helps to strengthen our voice when we’re advocating for the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians across our community. Each donation goes toward our rail trail educational outreach program and advocacy campaigns. The Friends of BERT, thanks you for your support. Together we can build this trail!

Please select your method of support.

The Friends of BERT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions can be make through:

  • Individual Direct Donation (cash, check or credit card)
  • Bequests*
  • IRA Required Minimum Distribution*
  • Donor Advised Funds*

Did you know? Money from an IRA can be donated to charity. What’s more, if you’ve reached that age where you need to make required minimum distributions (RMDs), from your traditional IRAs, you can avoid paying taxes on the money by donating it to a 501(c)(3) such as the Friends of BERT. The donation must be by check so please click the U.S. Mail option above for RMD donations.

*For more details about these particular donation options, please contact: bert-treasurer@bonitaesterorailtrail.com

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