Sending cash donations electronically to Friends of BERT is easy, simply follow the instructions for either Zelle or Venmo below.

Instructions for electronic cash donations via Zelle

  1. Either download the Zelle application onto your phone or set Zelle up directly in your banking application, (if supported).
  2. If using the Zelle application on your phone, enter your account information from your bank.
  3. Search for:
  4. Complete the information as prompted.

Instructions for electronic cash donations via Venmo

  1. Download the Venmo application onto your phone.
  2. Enter your bank account information into the application.
  3. Press the ‘V’ on the home page of the Venmo application and type in ‘@friendsofbert’
  4. You will see Friends of Bonita Ester Rail Trail listed under Charities.
  5. Click on Friends of Bonita Estero Rail Trail and complete the information as prompted.

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