NEWSLetter Vol III – June 2023


Hello Friends of the Bonita Estero Rail Trail (BERT) and welcome to our June 2023 Newsletter.   Here you will get an update on the activities of our new volunteer committees, and an event announcement we’re very excited about as well as information on trails and crime.

Some of you have asked us how to address a perceived issue around Multi-use Trails and Crime. I think you’ll be pleased to see the empirical evidence in our piece called Multi-use Trail Greenways and Crime. Check it out to learn of the current state of the rail corridor and how a multi-use trail and Linear Park can not only transform our ability to walk and ride safely, but improve the security of our communities as well.

Thank you all for responding to our call for volunteers! We held a volunteer training/planning session in early May and now those committees are in action. Find out what they’re up to and how you can get involved.

The BERT Store, hosted by SweatVac, is open! SweatVac has broadened its offerings and we now offer more performance fabric for the summer months. Place your order and it will be shipped your address.

SAVE THE DATE for a walk/run/bike event on November 12, 2023!

Trek Stores Florida has extended Friends of BERT a generous offer to host this event at their Estero store in Coconut Point Mall. The distances will be 5K (walk, run, bike); 15 miles (bike); 30 miles (bike). We cannot thank the folks at Trek Stores Florida enough for stepping forward to run this! This is a great chance to get local businesses involved with donations and sponsorships! More to come!

The Friends of BERT membership now stands at 2800 with 21 HOA Community endorsements for the Rail to Trail project. Trust for Public Lands remains in discussion with Seminole Gulf Railways, and hopes to reach an agreement soon on the acquisition of the 15-mile, 130-foot wide corridor.

Thank you all for supporting Friends of BERT, a 501(c)3 non-profit, working hard to improve Lee County communities’ access to safe places to walk, run, and ride.


It all started the evening of May 3rd with 15 passionate Friends of BERT who attended the very first volunteer training and planning session. After a 45-minute orientation/training session, we broke into two teams for planning, 1) events and membership, and 2) business engagement and fundraising.    READ MORE>>


To understand the impact on crime of converting the Seminole Gulf Rail corridor to a multi-use trail, we must first understand what is already occurring along the unused rail line.  Take a quick look down the corridor today from any given road that intersects with the rail line, or from the backyards of many residences along the rail line. You can easily see instances of illegal dumping, trash, numerous liquor and beer bottles, evidence of ATV and motorcycle use, etc.   READ MORE>>


Check out the new BERT shirt designs and colors. All BERT shirts are now performance fabric and come in sizes for Ladies and for Men (unisex). Pick up a long sleeve unisex shirt to protect from the damaging sun’s rays, and try out the short-sleeved shirts with complementary stripe in your favorite color! The gear is shipped to you directly and usually takes two weeks to arrive. 

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