Friends of BERT Launches Volunteer Program!

It all started the evening of May 3rd with 15 passionate Friends of BERT who attended the very first volunteer training and planning session. After a 45 minute orientation/training session, we broke into two teams for planning:

  1. Events and membership
  2. Business engagement and fundraising

Since that date, the teams have been busy! Team members have gone to local businesses to hang posters and supply them with brochures. The businesses have been very receptive, and we’re now resupplying those businesses with more posters and brochures! The business engagement and fundraising committee drafted a plan that includes identifying businesses along the rail to trail route and then engaging them to not only support through awareness, but also as sponsors. We expect these plans to be executed in the October/November timeframe.

Friends of BERT volunteers in action at the Promenade at Bonita Bay

The Events team has participated in two Farmers’ Markets, with plans for many more events in Fort Myers, Estero and Bonita Springs. This group has made a huge difference in a short period of time, talking with residents and building our Friends of BERT membership. The events team has identified and is securing a presence at more than 15 events July through December. These events range from Farmers’ Markets to Brewery promotions. We are learning that to boost public support, we must get out and talk to people, answering their questions and building excitement.

If you’d like to volunteer, please sign up here

A big thank you goes out to our Friends of BERT Volunteer team and to Club at Rapallo for the use of their beautiful facilities as our volunteer training and meeting home base.

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