As all of us know, we will need a lot of support for the Bonita Estero Rail Trail to become a reality.  All of our volunteers work for free so we don’t spend a dime on that. But the costs of materials, supplies, websites, accounting  and so on are not. As we get deeper into the process of garnering support, those costs will rise. If a public referendum is needed, money will be needed to gather the tens of thousands of signatures required. Should government agencies challenge us to match their contributions, money will be needed for that. With that in mind, we have begun our request for donations. Soon we will be executing a strategy to ask for donations or grants from businesses, associations, foundations and government agencies but for now we are relying on your generosity. If we can raise $1,500, the donations collected will be matched by a generous sponsor so please give.  Just click HERE to make a donation. No amount is too small.

The IRS has determined that the Friends of Bonita Estero Rail Trail inc. qualifies as a 501 (c)(3) public charity so donors can deduct contributions on their taxes. If your accountant asks, our EIN is 92-1309052. Contact Steve Gunther at with any questions. 

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